Physical Body

An ideal body is the body you can run around naked in. An ideal body is different for different people. Do NOT let external situations judge how and what the body should be. An ideal body should be devoid of any sickness.

5 Rules to Maintenance a health body

1. Unlimited Toxins from the body intake, internal & external

2. Spend time in clean environment (fresh air) - spend time around nature

3. Drink clean water (1 gallon daily intake/depends on your diet)

4. Fuel - Eat Natural Food

5. Exercise, your body is design to move, use it. Play, jump, explore!

Food Pyramid

ENERGY - This is energy from the sun other beings around you. When we don’t get enough of this, we act cranky, Just take a walk out in the sun - 30 to 40 minutes a day.

AIR - Breathing is the key here. Learn proper breathing techniques.

WATER - Pure, clean, spring water should quickly drank when any thirst.

FUEL - The body needs this the least. Feed as much as possible on heirloom fruits and vegetables.

Even though one’s body can use anything for fuel, The order of fuel in terms of best to worst.

Heirloom fruits & vegetables - These should be organic native and in season. These fruits and vegetables will provide the most nutrients to your system. Since there are native to the area that you live in they will give you enough sustenance.

Organic fruits and vegetables - When I mean organic, it is not just the organic label, they could be non-native produce from your local produce market. Some farmers won't have the resources  to get certified or organic.

This should be majority of your ideal diet - Try it RAW.

RAW is ideal and work word towards it.

Vegan meals are ideal. Milk and honey in my opinion are medication or fuel, one doesn't need at all times.

The below diet are in order of healthy to least healthy. You regular diet might be combination of two of the below diets but keep progressing to a better diet.


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