Key of Unlocking The Mind

Mind - an expanse so vast. One could walk one step at a time this whole earth but one could never walk an expanse of the mind.

They key of unlocking the mind is not to walk a vast expanse but recalling any expanse in has walked in and seeing what one is walking into.

Be Here Now. A strong mind is always in the PRESENT.


Ideal mind can process all information. Emotions are simple denoted by an inner smile. Very sensitive to other around them.

Dealing with emotional extremes - Identifying these extremes are key to fixing them,

Anxiety - Cause - When a being keeps replying a loop with the same action, anxiety happens.

For example, a man/woman has an attraction for another man/woman. During the initial encounter the initiator missteps the communication and it scars them. The initiator has the same anxiety (feels like the heart is dropping) every time they enter into a similar situation. Other instances are fast anxiety, could be created boss/employee, parent/child, co workers and so on.

Solution: Self: Identity the situation, Once the situation is identified, approach a spiritual guide. The guide should be able to guide one through this.

Depression/Sadness - The root cause of this is identity with the self .

Examples of this are having a negative view of life (pessimistic), low self-esteem among others.


Solution: When the thought arises, do 10 push-ups, go for a walk, get your blood flow or running. If you have really hit rock bottom, please find help immediately. YOU ARE IMPORTANT!! Find somebody close to you.

How can I strengthen my mind?

  • Meditation
  • Discipline
  • Learn (languages, music)
  • Board games
  • Cross word puzzles
  • Write (more on this subsequently)
  • Laugh

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