What we do


Our service include for the Body such as hybrid stretch walks - Interactive stretching to relax muscles in a nature setting, group walks, body - energy healing, body detox/juice detox - creating a juice diet for detoxing, body exercises - gaining/losing weight

Our services for the mind include - hybrid prayer/ meditation walks - Interactive prayer/ meditation walks in a nature setting, group walks, mind - energy healing, anxiety/depressing elimination, mind reset - stopping circular mind patterns

Soul work - contact us for more details.

We also offer energy healing for pets, financial stress help, mind/body coaching - goals, finance, organization, business consulting - spiritually enhance your business

Sessions are priced accordingly after free consultation.

Make an appointment to experience C I Am to see what YOU can do for US.

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Mind Constraints

Emotional lows, Anxiety, Depression, Anger, Learning disorders, Mental Trauma


Body Dynamics

Weight loss/ gain, Back/ Body pain, Headaches, Digestive issues, allergies, High blood pressure, Injuries, Physical trauma



Significant other, Family, Friends, colleagues, Financial, Work, Worried about future


Finding Your Love

Love yourself then let the universe find you somebody you could share a pomegranate with.

"What you are seeking is seeking you."


  • Provide Authentic Spiritual Guidance

    Everything should be as simple as it is, all we have to do is to get in touch with Nature.

  • Help each other to create a better world.

    Life can be wonderful and joyful once we fully understand ourselfs.

  • Let LOVE Guide us

    Only through Love, thats our policy.